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Dialysis Dangers

My Dialysis Experience My name is Charles Griffin, I have been a dialysis patient for 7 years. I’ve been to 6 different clinics. (3 Davita, 2 Fresenius and 1 US Renal). Problems I Have Experienced : Needles put in upside … Continue reading

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Pachyderms Produce Paper Pulp

Innovation (and QA) is WHEREVER you find it! See video and more links below this excerpt! Save an Elephant AND save a Tree simultaneously! A Sri Lankan company, Maximus (Pvt) Ltd. in year 1997 bagged their accolade by producing … Continue reading

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8th Grader Envisions Solution others skipped!

14 year old Riya Karumanchi, develops a Smart Cane to fix a serious need From Emma Reilly’s Special to The Hamilton Spectator, and YOUTUBE we learned: This new Freshman will start High School with more business savvy and experience than many … Continue reading

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Hard Time for VW Software Pro?

“Consumer Fraud or Global Warming Crime?” U.S. prosecutors recommend three years in prison for VW engineer Liang Reuters: August 18, 2017 S. prosecutors recommend three years in prison for VW engineer Liang Fortune and Detroit News: September 9, 2016 VW … Continue reading

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Teen Cuts Cancer Test Time

The Palm Beach Post reports Teen develops device to detect cancer faster, with greater accuracy! What three things would you bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island? “Duct tape, a lighter and a phone.” 14-year-old Boca … Continue reading

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Clear Solar Windows?

Clear Solar Windows from   Lunt said more work is needed in order to improve its energy-producing efficiency. Currently it is able to produce a solar conversion efficiency close to 1 percent, but noted they aim to reach efficiencies … Continue reading

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Stop Bullying App

full article at: HTTP://WWW.WIRED.COM/2015/02/STOPIT/ APP LETS KIDS REPORT BULLIES ANONYMOUSLY AMANDA TODD WAS 15 when she committed suicide. It was October 10, 2012, about a month after she posted a heart-wrenching video on YouTube … But for Todd Schobel, punishing bullies once tragedy strikes … Continue reading

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