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Anti-Virus Home Stay 03-2020

On this page: San Diego County, California US Federal The following is EXCERPT ONLY directly from the County of San Diego’s main webpage. Please click for their full presentation!! To protect the health of the public and attempt to stop … Continue reading

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Pet Bugs

Will they ever be fixed or are they someone’s pet? iPhone / iPad Have you ever seen these on the iPhone or the iPad? Or seen any others? Notes crash on search, delete. (intermittent, NOT rare) voice mail buggy – … Continue reading

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Online Stock Broker Fees

Recommended videos: “Stock Intro” (QA Automation) Brokerage URL Commission (Old) Offers subject to change Ally Financial Inc. $4.95 per trade Merrill Edge‎ $6.95 per trade Etrade $6.95 per trade TD Ameritrade $6.95 per trade Interactive Brokers … Continue reading

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Blockchain: Broccoli & Babies

Blockchain busts beyond Bitcoin to Broccoli, (supply chain) Medical Privacy and Security Pharma In Vitro, Fertility Blockchain and Broccoli Specific measures like these hope to avoid problems of tainted produce, product recalls and resulting sickness… Forbes (October 2018) New York … Continue reading

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Student’s Accidental 400 year battery?

Excerpt from UCI Student ‘Accidentally’ Invents Rechargeable Battery Lasting 400 Years A University of California Irvine student may have stumbled upon an invention to end your phone-charging woes for good. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of … Continue reading

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Teen Inventors Regeneron 2019

Environment Healthy, World Friendly Education at its Best by Students Embracing Challenge Source(s): Indians Abroad · Indo-Asian News Service | Updated: March 22, 2019 21:03 IST Name, Age, Country Service Profile Anjali Chadha (16) of Kentucky, sensor for detecting arsenic Preeti … Continue reading

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US to BAN iPhone? Not hardly!

Recommended, yes and NO: …on CERTAIN devices imported from China, final decision expected in July – the judge confirmed (two) of Qualcomm’s claims and rejected others in the complaint. Seeking Alpha knows how to scare readers: U.S. trade court recommends … Continue reading

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