Promises of Biden-Kamala

excerpts from Manward Press, National Review, Washington Post.

Like Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris is a vocal supporter of a government-guided economy.

In her time on the campaign trail, she offered up all the freebies you’d expect from a politician eager to buy some votes: free income… free college… free child care… free healthcare… Biden and Harris 2020

Biden and Harris 2020 – what are they promising?

In a debate last year, Harris called out Trump for focusing on stock gains as a measure of prosperity.

“Well, that’s fine if you own stocks,” she said. “So many families in America do not.” 

To us, that says more about our nation’s embarrassingly low levels of financial literacy than anything about social disparity. 

The idea may have held some water in the pre-internet days, before online brokerages and commission-free trading made it easier and cheaper than ever to invest. 

But thanks to those advances, anyone – of any means – can own stakes in the market’s hottest companies. 

And the advent of fractional shares trading is making it even more accessible. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s how Andy summed it up in June:

Don’t have $2,500 for Amazon (AMZN)? No problem. Plunk down $25 and get a hundredth of a share.

You still get voting rights, any dividend payouts and the full upside of the stock.

The only difference is the size of your stake.


Is Kamala right: Does the stock market only help a tiny few rich elitist Americans?  Or IN FACT doesn’t stock market success help pay for
  • raises,
  • benefits,
  • retirement and
  • tax shelters

of Joe and Jane Workingperson?

More populist myths by stock holding Democratic politicians

In Democratic primary debate Kamala promised to immediately tax “the 1%” (although the Senate taxes, not the President) to give profits of $500 / month to workers via the government’s inefficient bureaucracies.

(She *could* support such a payment directly from business by carrot /stick tax incentive, eliminating federal inefficiencies.)

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