Bug Template

Bug Template for JIRA, Quality Center: Formatted as Word, CSV or XML for importing

Summary: Product X, Page Y, Section Z – script gives false error, exits when Zip code is entered

Attachment: YES, screenshot

Traceability: UI-CU-DB-1023.c


  1. Primarily it Breaks Requirement UI-CU-DB-1023.c  that the script accommodate US Zip and Z+4 Codes
  2. Secondarily – Usability:  the displayed warning is not understandable: offers the user no instruction nor solution

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a session in yourDomainQ as role “Admin”
  2. navigate to Manage Client Contact at url www.jkm.dc.gov
  3. Open Edit Contact Dialog
    Path A: Enter / Edit  ZIP as 92101
    Path B: Enter / Edit ZIP as 92101-1234
  4. Click option button : “Export”
  5. Read result file
  6. Inspect Error log at //yourDomainQ/error.log



  1. File fails to open in Excel with “Excel has detected that <filename.tsv> is a SYLK file but can not load it….”
  2. Path B: (92101-1234) is lost – written into result file as < NaN >
  3. No validation dialog shown nor error log entry catches this

Frequency / Reproducibility:

  • 100%



  1. Behavior when opening Grid should throw no error,consistent with all other instances on this website.
  2. Data should not be lost, nor changed: Particularly Zip or Zip+4 should be accepted
  3. Any data loss or change should generate a useful error AND an error log entry