Teen Cuts Cancer Test Time

The Palm Beach Post reports
Teen develops device to detect cancer faster, with greater accuracy!

What three things would you bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island?
“Duct tape, a lighter and a phone.”

14-year-old Boca Raton resident, Devin Willis, has created a device to help detect cancer faster, with [greater] accuracy, and is a top ten finalist in a prestigious science competition for his invention. In addition, he will graduate in a few years with a high school diploma and a college degree, all while trying to launch his first business.

Willis said his invention is also cost-effective at about $1,500. The image quality is comparable to high-end machines, which cost about $250,000 each.

He also wants to start his own business with this machine. Willis said there is already one company interested, and he plans on working with pathology companies, which would utilize this technology for a fee.

Willis said pathologists may find the machine useful because when they look at a cancer slide, they have only about five to 10 minutes — maybe 15 — before they have to go onto the next one. He said his invention would allow them to make a slide map or series of images, which would cut down on time and increase accuracy.

The young inventor plans to receive his undergraduate degree and high school diploma simultaneously in a few years, and go on to graduate school after completely developing the machine and establishing his business.

Willis thinks science is a “quest for knowledge” and also just plain fun. “I’m always ready to learn and try to do something new,” he said.

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