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Outlook corrupts TEXTboxes

Summary:  Outlook replaces TEXTbox with Graphic on Send Attachment: Outlook_bug.png Traceability: MS-UI-190429  (Win 10 / Outlook ver 16.0.10325.20118) IMPACT:   Lost time for sender and all recipients Breaks Requirement UI-CU-DB-190429 usability be usable  after sending/receiving Work around – time consuming and undocumented … Continue reading

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Review: iOS Spark email

Product Claims Promoted on their webpage as “the best of 2016 by Apple” and “Beautiful & Intelligent Email App” Reviewer Overview: Spark is a solid 4 1/2 stars in this reviewer’s opinion. Great alternative to Apple’s questionable email client. … Continue reading

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 Classic iOS iPad Exploit

resources reporting iPad vulnerability Especially interesting because of this FAILURE of the most basic QA principle of Limit testing: (and corollary “buffer limit testing“) many years after  Apple achieved titan status. Document Title: =============== Apple iOS v10.1.1 – … Continue reading

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China Spying on Western consumers

Yes, there is even an app for THAT… >>breaking 2019-03-22 China’s Finnish Spy?! << Hard on the Heels of the November 16 Android news story comes this item from 12-02-2016: China’s WeChat is censoring group chats without users’ knowledge From … Continue reading

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iPhone Disabled by 3rd party Sensor Repairs

UK Guardian and BBC Reports Error 53 The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple. The problem is known as “error 53” and has appeared in … Continue reading

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Clear Solar Windows?

Clear Solar Windows from   Lunt said more work is needed in order to improve its energy-producing efficiency. Currently it is able to produce a solar conversion efficiency close to 1 percent, but noted they aim to reach efficiencies … Continue reading

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Motorola’s Smart Tattoos?

Update It was just a humorous video: but what if this old news article might suddenly become news ?! Especially if it were marketed as free national health care ID or similar benefit?  People might queue for blocks or stand … Continue reading

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