QA underscores 3 Profit Points:
Needed Product, Efficient Infrastructure, Best “Talked About” Customer Experience

Compress your Test Schedule with a Bug Swat Team:
Statement of Work Test Strategy & Schedule Document Control Business Intelligence
QA Test Blitz
– 1-3 Week
– 2-3 month
Execute, Verify Fixes Acceptance Criteria Out of Box Experience
Setup Quality Center Regress / Automate / Load Promised Delivery Competitive Info
Smoke, Regression Coverage & Metrics to PM Resources (skilled labor) Community Reviews
New Build Fix Verification Tools, Tips & Toys and “DOS ist Güt” User Surveys
QAWeb is an Open Window for Tools and Techniques to ensure Great Products and Loyal, Happy, Repeat Customers.  Here you will find Discussion, Links to specialized websites, Free tools recommended professional services. The chart above and details below are the “skeleton” on which QAWeb.org is being developed:

  • Projects “In Progress” – Stop Slip. Accelerate Delivery, Beat Milestones.
  • QA Professional Network having deep, specialized experience
  • V&V for New Projects, or those “Under Study”
  • Provide Project Management Team with
    • Assess Customer Needs, ID Design Requirements,
    • Requirements Analysis, Coverage, Unit, Agile, Xtreme [XP] Programming
    • Models and Proof of Concept
    • Develop, Test / Regression, Fund/Budget, Customer Acceptance
    • Manual Test Blitz and Strategic choices of Test Automation
  • Consumer Satisfaction – “Free [re]Design”) for Industry’s Future Products
    • Customer Experience:  Excitement of Brand New “Out of Box Experience”
    • Feedback from maintenance, support, internet reviews
    • Business Intelligence identifies trends, increase market share, beat competition
  • Worker Motivation and Incentive – (Good Tools are better than Bagels)