Dialysis Dangers

My Dialysis Experience

My name is Charles Griffin, I have been a dialysis patient for 7 years.
I’ve been to 6 different clinics. (3 Davita, 2 Fresenius and 1 US Renal).

Problems I Have Experienced :

  • Needles put in upside downThis can tear Fistula and keep your blood from getting clean.
  • Retaliation by staff for complaining.Being “accidentally” kicked and having feet stepped on,
    • Blood and Saline squirted on me and
    • Canceling my transportation.
  • Frequent bleed outsAllowing my blood to spill on the floor from improper patch placement or removal of needles, making me feel weak due to blood lost.

  • Staff cutting my treatment shortStaff will want to go home early so they pull 5 kilos in 2 hours cutting my treatment short. This causes
      • painful cramps,
      • drops my blood pressure and
      • dizzy spells.

  • Over worked staffThe Staff is tired, moody, careless and makes mistakes. They work too many hours and too many days in a row.
    • Some staff work at multiple clinics. For example, they will work 12 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Davita, then 12 hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Fresenius.
    • Also Staff to patient ratio is too LOW.
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