Pachyderms Produce Paper Pulp

Innovation (and QA) is WHEREVER you find it!

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Save an Elephant AND save a Tree simultaneously!

A Sri Lankan company, Maximus (Pvt) Ltd. in year 1997 bagged their accolade by producing the first ever commercial paper from elephant dung to be supplied to the world market.

Since then, many other small operators have entered the market of elephant dung paper. Being located in close proximity to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in the district of Kegalle, Maximus is recognised as the pioneer in the industry, providing employment to over 100 people in the local community. The total cottage industry provides employment to over 500 people in the local arena.

In order to further fulfill their societal responsibility towards the environment, the few producers of elephant dung paper in Sri Lanka ensure that the contributing creatures are taken care of as a way of showing their gratitude.

Elephants in the care of Millennium Elephant Foundation, a home to the elderly and the disabled elephants, get their fair share for contributing to this industry by means of funds for medical treatment and daily maintenance.

This Is Made Of POOP!

Capitalistic Dung redistributes western wealth to poor Sri Lanka causing honey-phobic Vegans a crisis of conscience?!

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