“Test Blitz” Stops Schedule Slip!

QTP, Selenium, LoadRunner: cross browser, cross-platform



Test Design

  • Business Deliverables
    • Scope Review SOW,
    • Level of Effort, LOE
    • Contingencies / Dependencies

Development Deliverables

  • Test Strategy* of Requirements and Test Plans , linked by a Traceability Matrix.
    • Stakeholders sign off on these, they are  published to the Project Team as the basis for
      • consistent and timely
      • test coverage confirmation
      • bug resolution
      • progress metrics
      • Final User Acceptance

When does QA begin?

Optimally developing these documents starts in parallel with Developers Requirements…. or starts in early design stages.  Sarbanes-Oxley …

Too Late for QA?° 

  • Whether QA is implemented early or late the strategy is still to provide an OPEN WINDOW by
  • Accurately creating Test Plans, Strategy and Test Suites from established Requirements
    • Creating Traceability Matrix
    • Coverage Reports
    • Status Reports and Trend projection
    • (automatic) Metrics Reporting (% complete)
  • Backlog and Burndown
  • Dynamically updated Linked documents as Requirements are changed
  • Test Executables
    • Write and Execute Test Suites linked to Requirements
    • Report and Verify Bugs and Enhancements
    • Update in parallel with linked documents
  • Version Milestones and Customer Sign off (as each is completed)
  • Customer Acceptance / Delivery


Automation Phases & Targets

    • Development:
      • Especially effective with short cycle, continuous integration / deployment
    • Production (Maintenance)
      • Verify Site Content, Stability and  Performance
      • Establish KPI Baseline for SLA
      • Automated “Health” Reports to
        • DevOPS, IT Support,
        • Database Admins, Managers
        • Customer Support
  • Automation Strategy
      • Identify areas that will give ‘quickest return’ if Automated
      • Estimate LOE
      • Schedule




*Test Strategy includes “Acceptance Criteria”, Scope, Coverage, ToolsTS, Resources, Stakeholders’ contact info, links to Test Plan, Test Suites and more…

~ Tools include Bug trackers, Version Control, ALM, Automation frameworks

° Until Sarbanes-Oxley became law  formal QA was often added as a deliverable VERY LATE in  development.


Manual or Strategic Automation

    • Identify which Bottlenecks best Benefit by Automation
    • Decide Which Tool, When, How
      • QTP, Selenium, Sahi, LoadRunner
    • Target…
    • Scope
    • Strategies: Short and Long Term

Web Testing

    • Sahi
    • Selenium
    • QTP
    • Squish
    • jMeter
    • VBS
    • Executible Testing
    • Android / iOS


On-Demand Testing

    • Emergency QA – 
    • Reverse slip – Get back on schedule
    • Avert Vacation & ‘Key Person’ Delays
    • Document – Test – Regress
      • Document Control, Design Templates
      • Identify missing & duplicate tests
      • Create dynamic Trace Matrix
      • Deploy Bug Tracking
      • Initiate Agile
    • Produce Test Strategy: time and resource estimate

Speed Scheduled Releases

  • Enterprise QA
  • Cross Browser (IExplore, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla)
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, WinCE
  • Data to Excel to MS-SQL to Oracle
  • SQL fluency
  • Oracle, Microsoft
  • Data Driven: Oracle, Microsoft
    • PL/SQL · MS-SQL · mySQL ·
  • Web Services: SoapUI, XMLSpy
    • SOAP  ·  ReST
  • Automation: Identify Best Targets:”When, Why, With What, Why Not, How Much


Have QAWeb Guard your Site!

 BLITZ: Straight Line Test Suite Execution and Bug Characterization QA Blitz – Full Regression Clears Bugs:

Billed at Fixed Cost per work week

  • FOCUS: You define tasks: QAWeb follows your plan fully.
  • Test Suite Execution, Screen Shots and Bugs’ “Steps to Reproduce”
  • DETAIL oriented : point us at your Test Cases, and stand back
    • Well documented Coverage, Bug Handling, Instant Status reports
    • Bugs assigned to internal staff for Verification
Prorated by day after first work week of five (5) days
 High Level Strategy - Prioritize - Execute  Border Security – Strategize, Execute:

Billed at Fixed Cost per Agreed Deliverable

  • You provide High Level Strategy:
  • QAWeb provides
    • SOW  / LOE
    • Specification Matrix
    • QA Test Plan
    • Test Suite
    • Prioritize, Schedule Execute
    • Metrics: daily or automatically as requested
  • Writes bugs, Steps-to-Reproduce
  • Report and/or Assign bugs as your Manager directs
  • DELIVER Ad-Hoc testing in parallel with your choice of one or more
  • Typical “Velocity”may vary by complexity
    • Test Strategy from Business Requirements – 2 points
    • Traceability Matrix – 2 points
    • Test Plan – 2 points
    • Test Suite – 3 points
    • Coverage Metrics: Logs and Graphs – included
Both Come with
  • English literacy:
    • read and write clearly in bullets
    • switchable from Top Down to Bottom up Analysis
      • Top Down: General to Specific Identification(especially good for determining Bugs’ Reproducible, Severity )
      •  Bottom Up: from Bottom Line back to Details:(Especially good for Finance and Resource Management)
Tools & Options:

  • Bug Template:
  • Sand Box:
    • Production or Staging – with predefined User Name and Role
  • Optional:
    • Bug Tracking
      • Local: can be entered directly into your Tracking system (with permissions)
      • External files: in Word, Excel or XML formats for your import
    • Tools
      • Screenshots, video capture; QAweb uses open source tools
      • Skype or GoToMeeting collaboration tools
      • Linux Virtual Machines


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    ( 8 5 8 )   3 6 7 – 0 7 7 7   ~ United States of America

    Web Development

    • Web Pages
      • “Single Site Web Pages”Home, Contact, Cameo
    • Websites / Dashboards
      • Add e-Commerce
      • Inventory
      • Team Dashboards (Sales, Accounting, Careers)
    • Design, Test, Deliver, Maintain
      • HTML Content
      • Database Integration, Input, Display
        • ReST
        • SOAP
        • mySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, noSQL
      • CSS Magic
        • Solutions, Problems
        • Maintenance:
        • Scheduled “Health” Automation Suites,
        • Development Sandbox
        • Deployment Management, Scheduling, Backup, Recovery


    • Community Service
    • Consumer Education
      • Mobile Madness
      • Identify Crisis
    • Make Yourself Youthful