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Modern Child’s Under / Over Stimulation

Digest from PsychCentral There are many theories circulating, but Jean Piaget might be the most respected in the education field. He was one of the first people to study how a child’s brain develops. His cognitive development theory basically explains … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures – BGC 2017

Update 2017-01-15: Huffington Post / Variety ~ Hidden Figures’ Continues Reign At The Box Office … Hidden Figures (2017) – the previously untold story of black women mathematicians and scientists in NASA’s early days of the space race Rotten Tomatoes (excerpt … Continue reading

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Daniel Goleman on Multitasking

Excerpt from full Article at Multitasking can leave us feeling disoriented at the end of the day. What’s worse, this frenetic shifting between two or more things can rob us of a sense of satisfaction. Jeremy Hunter, PhD, Assistant … Continue reading

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