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Pyongyang Unmasked

Last Year’s News Resurfaced in August 2017 with Nuclear Brinkmanship… a timely “must read” news item from North Korea “Without You, There Is No Us”:My Time with the Sons of North Korea’s Elite by Suki Kim Random House: Every day, three times a … Continue reading

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Plynk: Golden Irish Fortune?

Not intimidated by Brexit, perhaps even benefited by it, this Irish startup offers a new level of service: As seen in Irish Times And Business Insider Co-founded in 2015 by  Charles Dowd  and Clive Foley , Plynk has created a … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures – BGC 2017

Update 2017-01-15: Huffington Post / Variety ~ Hidden Figures’ Continues Reign At The Box Office … Hidden Figures (2017) – the previously untold story of black women mathematicians and scientists in NASA’s early days of the space race Rotten Tomatoes (excerpt … Continue reading

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Does YOUR Country Censor Internet?

Internet freedom around the world has declined in 2016. Continue reading

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Handheld Analytics – Quiet Revolution?

Analytics is being embedded in all kinds of software which suggests a major shift is on the horizon. How we think about analytics will change and so will our use of analytics. We explain why. Continue reading

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Apple Purges New York Times Apps From China

The technology giant said it was complying with a request from Chinese authorities. Apps from other international publications were still available. Continue reading

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Chinese Billionaire Moves Factory to USA

A Chinese company moving production to the U.S. goes against conventional wisdom. That didn’t stop Cao Dewang. Continue reading

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