Outlook corrupts TEXTboxes

Summary:  Outlook replaces TEXTbox with Graphic on Send

Attachment: Outlook_bug.png

Traceability: MS-UI-190429  (Win 10 / Outlook ver 16.0.10325.20118)

      1. Lost time for sender and all recipients
      2. Breaks Requirement UI-CU-DB-190429 usability be usable  after sending/receiving
      3. Work around – time consuming and undocumented


  • Steps to reproduce:
    1. create and SEND an email in HTM format by Outlook containing a TextBox
      (Highlight TEXT then Alt-N-X-H or mouse “Tab: Insert | Textbox “)
    2. Receive the email: (or open from the SENT subfolder)
    3. Attempt to highlight, copy, paste the textbox CONTENTs to another application or file


  • Problem[s]:
    1. The object has been changed from TEXT to a NON-editable IMAGE


  • Frequency / Reproducibility:    100%


  • Expected
    1. Behavior when opening Grid should throw no error,consistent with all other instances on this website.
    2. Data should not be lost, nor changed: Particularly Zip or Zip+4 should be accepted
    3. Any data loss or change should generate a useful error AND an error log entry
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