Microsoft Boosts Apple Sales?

Update 2017-12-12 of problem repeatedly documented since 2011 or earlier!

Windows Updates has been Installing updates for 3 hours

My pc has been doing windows update for 10 hours. i need to use now

Fast forward December 2017: A Windows 10 HP computer has been updating for three hours – it is one on which we (thought) we had automatic updates turned OFF?!
In the previous three days we have power cycled this HP 2015 laptop three times and been told it would “update and shut down.” Total time for these three combined events was less than likely between 30-60 minutes, maximum.

Today, (Monday 12/12/2017), after two hours the machine is inoperable, incommunicado, useless: except for the message

“13 percent complete.
Do not not turn off your PC.
This will take a while.
Your PC will restart several times

Now 3 hours later it has restarted several times, as it said it would.
Progress? “Working on updates 81%

But basically the unit is disabled: robbed of any productivity.
For how many MILLIONS has this scenario been REPEATED this week?

This is not Windows 3.01 nor 3.11, nor ME nor 7.0 … but the state of the art as installed by HP’s factory. Licensed by the Master of munificence, Microsoft itself.

This “Use Case” has

SNOWBALLED from a bug to a mighty swarm of locusts – indicating a either a very faulty infrastructure, or desperate or worse customer service …
Microsoft’s official website tells a person who complains about this – that it’s The Customers’ fault for using [the recommended/default] setting of automatic updates!

What possible desperate situation, security breach, or management hostility to their customer base explain such a multiplied travesty? Have they bought stock in Apple?

Could this be why so many of YOUR family and friends have gone to Apple? (I dual boot into Linux Mint for Test purposes. I am seriously thinking about changing the default boot order, Even though I am a loyal office 365 addict.)

Update: total time to login 3:05 …. and MORE AFTER login – new updates required about 15 additional minutes with ZERO indication of progress.

Update 2017-12-12-1821
This was “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709” (Fall Creators Update 10/26).
Indeed automatic update options were ALL OFF.
Windows gives you the option to “Update and Shutdown” every time you power down.
This option was accepted 3 times in 3 successive days with no surprises, until startup today!

Update 2017-12-17 1924

The ongoing de-evolutionary saga of Microsoft is being prolonged by odd experiments by their competition

From Betanews

“…Despite being the final version of Linux Mint KDE, it is still a great alternative to the consistently disappointing Windows 10. After all, it has been discovered that Microsoft is bundling a bug-ridden password-manager with its operating system without user consent! How can you trust such an OS?! …”

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