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Crypto Choices

Blockchain or Distributed Ledger. Overview (YouTube) Alternate currency? Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Doge, etc. Unique Document Identifier Health Insurance Record Privacy? Tax Collection? Investment Alternative? Robinhood’s Fractional Shares promise that you may invest in large stocks like GOOGL, AAPL, etc. with … Continue reading

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Microsoft Boosts Apple Sales?

Update 2017-12-12 of problem repeatedly documented since 2011 or earlier! Windows Updates has been Installing updates for 3 hours My pc has been doing windows update for 10 hours. i need to use now Fast forward December 2017: A Windows … Continue reading

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Linux Mint Flavors

Covering Early Mint history:  click this link for techradar.com’s full article (references interview with the creator of Mint, Clem Lefebvre) and current flavors and their trade offs: http://www.linuxmint.com/ Excerpt from full link above follows: In the beginning – It started … Continue reading

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