Fight Traffic Jams? 

Candidate for inclusion in compilation of “2016 Tech Milestones”

With GPS built in to most new cars, and mobile phones, they spawn a million-node-network of research data detection sensors… used in this TomTom document at right.. More recent research is cited below.

Traffic Stats

(also see Traffic Congestion in the World: 10 Worst and Best Cities )

What has been your experience?  Cost? Would you pay to improve your experience?

Fight Traffic Jams with Blockchain Technology

Traffic jams are choking cities all around the world, severely affecting economic growth and the health of commuters. Time wasted in traffic congestion cost

Proposed benefits include:

  • “Trip charges will be automatically deducted from the passenger’s blockchain-enabled digital wallets or charged to their credit card, with payment instantly flowing to the vehicle owner.
  • Access and identity tokens and P2P transactions will enable the easy, secure sharing of not only vehicles but infrastructures such as toll roads, recharging stations and parking lots.
  • The blockchain-enabled identity of each user will carry proof of identity, age, insurance coverage and ability to pay while protecting the anonymity of the passengers and information about their travels, as well as the security of their payment mechanisms.
  • The smart contracts governing such transactions will be based on standard templates that assure accurate, instant collection of taxes and regulatory reporting, wherever the trip takes place.”


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