Emoji: Fastest Growing Language?

UK’s Telegraph reported 13-DEC-16;

not getting the big picture?

are they failing to get the big picture?

A language firm in London is seeking an emoji translator in what may be the first such job.The translation agency has advertised for a specialist to help meet the challenges “posed by the world’s fastest-growing language“.

The consultant role, which could become a full-time position, will involve explaining cross-cultural misunderstandings in the use of the ideograms and compiling a monthly trends report.

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Editor’s Note:  iPhones’ voice assistant “Siri” will read text message back to you – when it reads an embedded emoji – it describes it with “smiling face with squinting eyes” or “cityscape pictorial card. If you turn on the sound options in General | Accessibility it will add a speech playback option to any selection of text (email, note, SMS).

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