Mobile Apps force Consumer Evolution?

Candidate for inclusion in compilation of “2016 Tech Milestones“: your suggestions are welcome!
Another example of the conundrum: “does technology drive demand, or demand drive technology
or in this case “who is evolving / training / conditioning whom?

The Evolution of Mobile Apps Today and in the Future

As technology grows and evolves, so does the way in which we work and do business. Thanks to the internet of things, everything is a mobile platform, …

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New Media Rights reflects on Apple / Google:

The biggest problem facing Google will not be convincing developers, but consumers. Apple’s steroid-enhanced marketing machine has drilled into the public thinking that “there is an app for that,” not that there is a URL. Clearly after logging 1.5 billion downloads within a year, Apple is on to something and vigorously training the mobile users of tomorrow.


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