China Spying on Western consumers

Yes, there is even an app for THAT…

>>breaking 2019-03-22 China’s Finnish Spy?! <<

Hard on the Heels of the November 16 Android news story comes this item from 12-02-2016:

China’s WeChat is censoring group chats without users’ knowledge

From CNN’s Money News Desk December 2016

By James Griffiths December 02, 2016 03:03AM EST

One of China’s most popular apps is censoring users’ private messages at home and abroad, according to a new report.
WeChat messages containing keywords mentioning sensitive topics such as the Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet or the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong were censored in private and group chats without users’knowledge, according to a report published by Toronto-based Citizen Lab.

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