Bug Bites Nike in Foot

Excerpts from BBC , The Verge, and RT …  SW Bug bites Nike in foot

The Verge

The issue appears to stem from an early version of the software built
into Nike’s sneakers. Some sneakers weren’t shipped with the latest version of the software, and if they don’t receive the update in time, the pairing process with the latest Android app can lead to them locking up.


Nike’s new self-lacing trainer, the Adapt BB, has fallen at the first hurdle after the Android app that controls the shoe malfunctioned.

Billed as the “future of footwear”, the $350 (£268) a pair Adapt BB launched on Sunday.

However, an update to the Google Android app that allows wearers to loosen or tighten the trainer failed to work.

Customers complain that the Android app only syncs with one shoe.

The shoe can be controlled manually using two buttons on the side.

But people are frustrated that the Android app fails to work.
… The Adapt BB contains a small motor which pulls the laces inside the trainer.


The software debacle isn’t even the biggest shoe-related headache Nike is facing this week as on Wednesday night a shoe worn by the hottest prospect in US college basketball, Zion Williamson, burst apart as the Duke player went up against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The sportswear company’s share price dropped by more than 1 percent when trading opened on Thursday.


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