Spying as a Service: SAAS?

A living, growing list of naive-to-nefarious “Con-the-Consumer” DANGERS … and a few useful TIPS

  • Scientists promote giving artificial listening devices given moral autonomy over human beings
  • Most bots don’t have smell sensors (why not?), but they do have microphones and cameras
  • Previously, police have seized information obtained from such smart devices
  • 2019 – Google attacks advertiser(s)
  • 2019 – Academia advocates collecting consumers’ “moral data”
    • ‘What we propose is very simple and … ,’ Dr. Slavkokik told MailOnline
      ‘If we want to avoid Orwellian outcomes it’s important that all stakeholders are identified and have a say, including when machines shouldn’t be able to listen in. Right now only the manufacturer decides.’
  • 2016 – industrial espionage comes home
what lurks, who listens in your Cloud?
Info you can use|

  1. Browser Plugins
  2. Don’t Bug Yourself!
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