Quick QA Automation with Sahi

As desktop and enterprise programs “Take to the Cloud” and cumbersome giants HP and IBM charges tens of thousand of dollars and weeks of ramp-up time for their automation tools: lightweigt, lower cost Selenium, Sahi, Telerik, and Squish promise viable alternatives.  Sahi is unique because it is not as browser-exclusive as its bigger competitor Selenium. In this article excerpt linked below IBM “discovers” this tool and explains how to integrate it with jUnit –

Automate web application testing with Sahi

There are many commercial tools and open source frameworks for automated testing of web applications. Sahi, a tool for automating web application testing, is gaining popularity. Sahi is an open source tool that allows recording and replaying across browsers. It provides different language drivers for writing test scripts, and supports Ajax and highly dynamic web applications. In this article, learn about Sahi by using a sample application and test case. Learn to format scripts for Junit and to test with Apache Ant.

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