Amazon Attacked by Google-Mart

New York Times by Daisuke Wakabayashi and Michael Corkery, August 23, 2017 (San Francisco)
– – – Google and Walmart Partner With Eye on Amazon by : Chris Kohler. Februry 4, 2016
– – – PayPal Sues [Google] over “Wallet”
Bloomberg: by Spencer Soper and Mark Bergen, April 18, 2017
– – – PayPal and Google Share Wallet

“Google ups the stakes in 2017, having stepped into the fray as early as 2011

PayPal Sues Over ‘Wallet’ Secrets; Google Says It Will Fight Back
Updated: May 27, 2011 at 13:43 p.m. EDT with new details on the developing story.

Online payments giant PayPal has sued Google, alleging that two of the search titan’s senior executives who had previously worked at PayPal violated their contracts, and in one case actually stole confidential PayPal information and shared it with Google and other companies.

The two companies said Google would start offering Walmart products to people who shop on Google Express, the company’s online shopping mall. It’s the first time the world’s biggest retailer has made its products available online in the United States outside of its own website….
….The partnership, announced on Wednesday, is a testament to the mutual threat facing both companies from Amazon’s dominance in online shopping is challenging brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart, while more people are starting web searches for products they might buy on Amazon instead of Google.

The two companies said the partnership was less about how online shopping is done today, but where it is going in the future. They said that they foresaw Walmart customers reordering items they purchased in the past by speaking to Google Home, the company’s voice-controlled speaker and an answer to Amazon’s Echo. The eventual plan is for Walmart customers to also shop using the Google Assistant, the artificially intelligent software assistant found in smartphones running Google’s Android software.

Commentary: Time will tell if this will cause both Amazon and Google advocates to significantly step up their competitiveness for customer service, delivery and price.

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