iOS FTP File Explorer 

“Reviewing the Review” on Apple’s App Store

Do you ever need to edit or debug websites from bus, train, hotel, restaurant or restroom? This Apple App may be your ONLY realistic option!! (Beyond the scope of WordPress.) 

Apple Store Review - File Explorer
Excellent, one of a kind, but nags immediately for reviews… will increase the stars after I’ve fully explored its features. Took a bit of experimentation to figure how to point to source and target – haven’t determined whether a few errors were just connectivity over spotty Wi-Fi. I suspect the environment not the program itself.

Steven Zhang’s File Explorer seems to be the only serious contender for an FTP client (file manager) for those who must maintain website content on the fly via smart phone anywhere around the world.

I’ve used Equal or Better programs on an iPad that were removed from Apple’s App Store. I have found no alternative so far.

Such talent to manage FTP, yet the creator is one of hundreds who immediately rub new users’ faces into popups nagging to be reviewed long before they’ve had Time to review its features.

Why not have the pop-up happen after a maximum of (a) so many visits for (b) so many minutes? Or when X number of features have been touched? Or why not delay begging for a review if user’s actions suggest they’re  stuck – or even offer help based on redundant  actions or lack of action? 

Could it be that an ‘easy-to-program pop-up’ has a negative impact that could be redeemed by adding logic to build a good review after the user is using it successfully?

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