Biolite Adds “Quality of Life”

Refactored Rocket Stove leverages 1st world techno-slavery to improve 3rd world health

One US techie / graduate found himself under Milky Way’s bright stellar canopy in Thailand. The only electricity was a single incandescent light in the village center just over the  well.  People were nice enough. Nevertheless a PANIC ATTACK ensued without his daily instant messaging and his intimate but never-seen Facebook friends.

Closer to Home: How  does the overworked well-connected Tech worker spend their rare weekend or even rarer  “vacation”?  Enter BIOLITE – leveraging 1st world techno-slavery to combat 3rd world sickness.

Visit the Biolite website for their discounted nesting BUNDLE
Note: one needs its battery charged externally. The near identical alternative GENERATES electricity for its fan AND your camp lights and radio products.




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