Electric Beetle Rediscovered in San Diego

An ancient idea whose time has come, again? (See full article at WSJ)

Technology and jobs followed typewriters, copiers, fax machines, personal computers, the move of software away from PCs to the cloud  … what’s the next techno-frontier?

 “Oil freedom” like solar, wind and improved batteries must be in the top 2 or 3, dont you think??



A self-described “retrofuturist,” Benardo, 52, is the CEO of San Diego’s Zelectric Motors, which creates and sells limited-edition electric-converted VW Beetles. He mostly purchases models made between 1958 and 1966—their weight and construction make them ideal for the transformation—and over the course of a few months converts their engines to run on zero-emission, 100 percent electric power. Benardo relies on parts from EV West, a shop that specializes in selling components for high-performance electric racing cars. He installs two lithium-ion battery packs, one under the front and another behind the backseats, and replaces the gasoline engine with a Zelectric drivetrain.

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