Worst Passwords

FYI (geek news) worst password no longer “password”

Excerpt from 9to5mac.com

You might have thought that it would be hard to come up with a worse password than ‘password,’ but according to a chart compiled by SplashData from hacked accounts, it has been edged out by ’123456′.

The far more secure ’12345678′ (33 percent more secure!) retains its position as number three, while a new entry in sixth place goes as far as ’123456789′. Sadly, “letmein”, (a password I always felt deserving of classic status), dropped seven places to achieve a mediocre ranking of 14.

Apple introduced iCloud Keychain as part of Mavericks and iOS 7.0.3, and if you’re not already using it, you can read our how-to guide. If you’re using older versions of OS X or iOS, we also ran a how-to guide on using a password manager to have unique, secure passwords for each website.

chart of most hacked passwords

chart of most hacked passwords

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