Overcoming Nerves on Job Interview

Overcoming Nerves on Job Interview

Alison Green USN&WREXCERPT from full article at US News & World Report

How to Stop Nerves From Wrecking Your Job Search
By Alison Green           September 16, 2013

If you’re like most people, you get anxious before a job interview. But don’t let jitters stand in the way of doing your best in an interview. Instead, try these six ways to fight off interview nerves and anxiety.

1. Remember that the employers thinks you’re qualified. The fact that the employer invited you to interview means that they have already determined that there’s a very good chance that you might be the best person for the job. If they didn’t think you had the basic qualifications, they would have called other candidates instead.

2. Remember that they’ve never seen a “perfect” candidate. When you’re nervous about an interview, it’s easy to imagine that the other candidates for the job – your competition – are perfectly qualified and giving flawless interviews. But no candidate is perfect and most people don’t give perfect interviews. In fact, perfection isn’t the standard you need to strive for. Just aim to give a good interview that conveys a sense of what you’d be like to work with day to day.

3. Know that you have some control here too. Job seekers often feel as if an interview is a one-way transaction, where they just wait for a company to pass judgment. It’s important to remember that you have power in this situation too; part of the point of the interview is for you to do your own due diligence and decide if you even want this job (or this manager or this employer).

As a side benefit, approaching an interview this way will make you a more attractive candidate. When interviewers can tell that a candidate is interviewing them right back – not just hoping for an offer without truly considering whether or not this job is right for them – it makes the candidate seem like someone with options, which makes them more desirable.

EXCERPT from full article at US News & World Report


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