Recruiting a Pawn in Sino-Japanese Cold War?

Excerpt from full article in 2012-11-13 New York Times

Politics has also gotten in the way of cross-border hiring. As tensions grew over disputed islands in the East China Sea, Japanese employers had to cut back on recruiting activities this year, especially in Beijing.

“Chinese universities are asking us not to hold recruiting events on campus for safety reasons,” said a spokeswoman at a Japanese company who asked to remain anonymous because of the political sensitivity of the issue. In northeastern cities like Dalian, which traditionally has friendlier attitudes toward Japan, hiring can be done, but only discreetly. “Over all, recruitment activities by Japanese firms might have fallen by more than half this year in China,” she said.

Some Japanese recruiters say that the risks in China have prompted them to do more recruiting in Southeast Asian nations like the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

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