Recovery – When an Interview Goes Bad

By Velu Palani <[email protected]>

You’ve arrived at the site of the interview, early enough to review your notes that one last time before walking into the building. You’re ready, you take that long walk into the building, meet the interviewer, shake their hand with confidence, smile, sit down and begin.

Then, you blow it.

That one question; that one answer. Now what. You moved on from that question, yet you’re replaying it in the back of your mind.

How do you recover and get the interview back on track?

First, let it go. Stop reliving that question and answer. Don’t let your concern show because you must not let it interfere with current and future questions. The good news is you are still in the interview and you can get it back. In order to get the interview back on track, you must focus on the present.

Second, take a reading of the room. Has the energy come out of the interviewer or do they appear to be uncomfortable?

Third, adjust your energy level accordingly. When answering the question at hand, use your response to either relax or invigorate the interviewer. If they are anxious, takes steps to relieve them, tell them a story, give them an answer using a relaxed tone.

If they appear bored, increase your level of excitement and energy, use your arms, face and voice.

Finally, ask questions that alleviate or diffuse the situation. As we know, near the end of the interview we are always asked if we have any additional questions. Do not take this opportunity to relive that difficult question. Use this as an opportunity to further alleviate the interviewers mindset.

Most Importantly – Leave them with a GREAT final impression.


Velu Palani

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Velu Palani <[email protected]>

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