DOS ist güt

Helpful tools: “one-off”, permanent, disposable – links and media to be added as prompted by new research and new requests.
You are invited to submit questions and ideas for useful tools, data manipulation. Or share handy scripts, macros or widgets with a bit of business flavor. You will be credited and linked unless you request otherwise.
(Contact ADMIN for any specific needs.  Items below without links are available upon request.)

  • Small tools
    • Batch files
      • Netstart (a network aware Startup folder for laptops on Windows networks)
    • Macros for VBA
      • Outlook – save:  selected attachments, selected emails as TXT, HTML (requires customizing tool bar by following right click menu)
      • Excel –  Macro creates header/footer for spreadsheets  with many *multiple* tabs:
      • Stopwatch for logging Time Sensitive tests
    • Perl / Python / BASH / Javascript / PHP
    • Regular Expressions (Perl, Python, QTP, Selenium, Sahi)
  • Bigger Tools
    • MS-Access
      • Bug Tracking
      • Inventory
      • Query by Form
  • Linux / Unix – Epoch time – PWD prompt – alias
  • TextPad – power Notepad replacement: syntax coloring, REGEX searches across multiple documents
  • Paying for QA
  • QTP Unplugged, and Other Amazon Offerings