Mission 2010

QAWeb seeks to be an Open Window into the  Method, Management, and Mistakes surrounding Software Quality Assurance .  We generously define this to include embedded Software (Firmware), Process, Personal, Mobile, Server, Web (or “Cloud”) Distributed Applications and expect the field to widen.  Your comments, questions, critiques, horror and success stories and first-hand personal experience are cordially invited in the following areas:

  • Industry – Delivering “what the customer will buy”
    • Assess Customer Needs, ID Design Requirements, Develop, Test / Regression, Customer Acceptance
  • Tools for Developers, QA and Support
    • – Requirements Analysis, Code Coverage, Unit, Agile, Xtreme [XP] Programming
    • – Test Automation and Manual Assist
      • Textpad, jMeter, Excel, Vugen, QTP, Selenium, Sahi,
      • Macros in Excel, Word, Outlook
      • Scripts and daemons in BASH, Perl, Python, grep, vi[m], tail, more, less
    • Management opportunities disguised as poor humor
      • [in]Famous Top-Ten Lists
      • Flow-Charts vs Cartoons
  • Customer Experience – “Free [re]Design”) for Industry’s Future Products
    • Feedback from maintenance, support, internet reviews (Amazon, etc.)
    • Dreamlists – Hybrid Business Intelligence to harvest “free enhancements”