Your QA Watch Dog

  • QA Guard Dogs
    • Bull Dog  – GOAL oriented : give this player the scent – point at your pre-written tests – and stand back – RESULTS will follow.
      • Creates well documented Coverage, Results, Bug Handling, Instant Status reports
    • Border Collie – PROCESS EVALUATION: High Level
      • writes test Plans, test Suites, Traceability Matrix simultaneously with AD-HOC testing
  • Both Come with
    • English literacy:
      • reads and writes in bullets
      • switchable from Top Down to Bottom up Analysis
        • Top Down: General to Specific Identification
          (especially good for determining Bugs’ Reproducible, Severity )
        •  Bottom Up: from Bottom Line back to Details:
          (Especially good for Finance and Resource Management)
  • Needs  – any combination of
    • Bug Template: either YOURs  -OR-  supplied by QAweb
    • Sand Box: Production or Staging – with predefined User Name and Role
    • Optional: Bug Tracking
      • Local: can be entered directly into your Tracking system
      • External: supplied to you for IMPORT from Word, Excel or XML formats