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Wish List / Others Recommend

  • Yaesu 8900-R – tri-band HF-VHF-UHF
  • Yaesu 7900 – dual band VHF-UHF
  • BTECH UV-25×4 (25 watts?!) (recommended by Dr. Ed Fong, PhD)

Under Review

  • Radios – Handheld and Mobile
    • HT Radio: BaoFeng UV5R, batteries
    • HT Radio: Yaesu 8900R
    • HT Radio: Btech
  • Antennas & Signal Acquisition
    • Nagoya 802 mobile mag mounted
    • Nagoya – handheld whip replacing BaoFeng stock “rubber ducks”
    • LM-400 feed extension
    • LM-400 alternative (“equivalent”?) – Davis cable
    • tri-band antenna TBJ-1
    • roll-up dual band DBJ-2 antenna
  • Instruments
    • SWR / Wattmeter: MFJ 140-525MHz, 150W avg (HRO)
    • SWR / Wattmeter: MFJ 140-525MHz, 150W avg (Amazon)
  • Other Review Sources
    eHam TBJ-1 Review [EXCERPT]
    http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/13520. I saw Ed Fong’s TBJ-1 triband antenna in the March 2017 QST issue. It is 6ft long and it is enclosed in ¾ inch 200 psi pvc pipe. Two connector types are available, SO-239 or N type. I chose the SO-239 connector for my version.

    As well as a tri-band base antenna, it is also my preferred antenna for portable and EmComm. With help of a launcher to get the initial nylon cord over a branch, the TBJ-1 makes the ideal Field Day antenna. With no radials involved, hoisting the antenna into place as well as de-installation is a breeze.
    SWR was less than 1.4:1 on all 3 bands. Performance wise, I’d put it up against any 6’ vertical or J-Pole on the market.

  • Ed Fong Live Presents, Live !Here is a copy of the seminar. We have a series of three lectures I give to ham clubs. Show this to your club officers and see if we can schedule you in.
    • Thanks for the interest in the March QST issue on our Triband base antenna

    • My students at UC Santa Cruz – Silicon Valley will gladly build you an antenna fully enclosed in the 6ft of ¾ inch 200 psi pvc pipe with a SO-239 connector or N connector.

    • The cost is $60 plus $10 postage for the first antenna.

    • We can ship the next day after we receive your payment.

    • Thanks for supporting us.