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Is Home Robot Kuri a familiar face?

Mayfield Robotics is a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch, with a team of co-founders that have extensive experience in the field of robotics, but also.. Continue reading

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Biolite Adds “Quality of Life”

Refactored Rocket Stove leverages 1st world techno-slavery to improve 3rd world health One US techie / graduate found himself under Milky Way’s bright stellar canopy in Thailand. The only electricity was a single incandescent light in the village center just over the  well.  People were … Continue reading

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15 year old Girl Lights Up Google Science Fair …. the latest development in thermoelectric energy generation doesn’t come from a high-tech lab at MIT; it comes from young teen-ager Ann Makosinski, a 15-year-old Canadian who developed a flashlight that is powered by the heat from a human hand. With the … Continue reading

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Enterprise QA Bug free Big Data Industry that Serves Quality of Life Community

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