Amateur Radio Primer

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Citizen Radio Types in USA 

  • Family (no license needed, limited to line of sight)
  • GMRS (easy 10 year license, no exam, fee $70±)
  • CB: no license, private and commercial
  • Ham (Amateur): License and Exam required. Non-commercial

This page specializes in Ham because of its long history of public service and robust community support, couple with a large network of repeaters that gives multi-state and international coverage.

Purchase Strategy

  • Handhelds from $30, local
    (but budget $100 minimum for spares, batteries, antenna upgrades) 4-8 watts
  • Camping, Traveling, Safety
  • Hand held and mobile: Local and Regional, 25,35,45,50 watts
  • Home Office: Higher power, greater range, Worldwide

Hardware Sources

Hardware Configuration

License Strategy

  • Technician – UHF, VHF
  • General
  • Expert

License Training

  • Your local Ham “Net” group – google by city or zip
  • ARRL referral.
    ⚪︎ Find ARRL classes.
    ⚪︎ Local Groups by Zip Code
  • Online License Prep Classes


  • Listening, Scanning
  • Shifting between A/B receivers
  • Weekly “Nets” in your neighborhood
  • Microphone tips, hints, errors

Ham Clubs – add your favorite here!

Public Service

Emergency Services