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Does your Country Censor Internet?

Internet freedom around the world has declined in 2016. Continue reading

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Notable Women Scientists Depart 2016

These scientists made important contributions to physics, biology, astronomy and more Continue reading

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Handheld Analytics – Quiet Revolution?

Analytics is being embedded in all kinds of software which suggests a major shift is on the horizon. How we think about analytics will change and so will our use of analytics. We explain why. Continue reading

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Teen invents Human Phone Charger

A teenager has invented and developed a phone charger which uses energy from the human body to get the energy to charge your phone. Continue reading

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Irish-American gives away Billions

Chuck Feeney, ‘the anti-Trump’, has written his final Atlantic Philanthropies cheque Continue reading

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Is Home Robot Kuri a familiar face?

Mayfield Robotics is a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch, with a team of co-founders that have extensive experience in the field of robotics, but also.. Continue reading

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Apple Purges New York Times Apps From China

The technology giant said it was complying with a request from Chinese authorities. Apps from other international publications were still available. Continue reading

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Fake news Feeds Facebook

Swiss and European experts caution that training machines to detect misinformation on social media is no easy task. Continue reading

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Quick QA Automation with Sahi

There are many commercial tools and open source frameworks for automated testing of web applications. Sahi, a tool for automating web application testing, is gaining popularity. Sahi is an open source tool that allows recording and replaying across browsers. It provides different language drivers for writing test scripts, and supports Ajax and highly dynamic web applications. In this article, learn about Sahi by using a sample application and test case. Learn to format scripts for Junit and to test with Apache Ant. Continue reading

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Hackers Record-Breaking Fraud

‘Methbot’ is a sophisticated cybercrime scheme that has hit major US advertisers and publishing brands and pilfered millions of dollars per day. Continue reading

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