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Hi-Tech Hand Held Dangers

Avoid these Common Security Dangers Throwaway boarding pass invites identity theft, see (video from USA Today) “like publishing one’s drivers license on Craigslist!” ? Online banking with public wifi – fed warning and Starbucks Simple passwords are hackers’ goldmine! GPS … Continue reading

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Samsung’s Explosive Battery Report

Months later Samsung opens its books on this QA debacle – excerpt below from Steve Kivach of Business Insider – see videos of the “post mortem” linked below. Business Insider TECH INSIDER Steve Kovach Jan. 22, 2017, 8:10 PM Samsung announces what … Continue reading

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Emoji: Fastest Growing Language?

A language firm in London is seeking an emoji translator in what may be the first such job. Continue reading

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Mobile Apps force Consumer Evolution?

As technology grows and evolves, so does the way in which we work and do business. Thanks to the internet of things, everything is a mobile platform, whic Continue reading

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WATCH: Mobile App Trends 

Mobile technology is growing at a lightning speed and the apps have become an essential aspect of the digital ecosystem. In fact, these apps are playing a significant role in simplifying the routine… Continue reading

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iOS FTP File Explorer 

“Reviewing the Review” on Apple’s App Store Do you ever need to edit or debug websites from bus, train, hotel, restaurant or restroom? This Apple App may be your ONLY realistic option!! (Beyond the scope of WordPress.)  Excellent, one of … Continue reading

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China Spying on Western consumers

Yes, there is even an app for THAT… Hard on the Heels of the November 16 Android news story comes this item from 12-02-2016: China’s WeChat is censoring group chats without users’ knowledge From CNN’s Money News Desk December 2016 By … Continue reading

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Android Spies on 700M

update: weChat Android’s phenomenal popularity has soared because of being associated by Google, its flexibility  and LOW, LOW, LOW price compared to Apple’s iPad. Their cost per feature make them an irresistible purchase this season. But we still remember the old warning … Continue reading

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iPhone Disabled by 3rd party Sensor Repairs

UK Guardian and BBC Reports Error 53 The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple. The problem is known as “error 53” and has appeared in … Continue reading

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Tattoos & Apple Watch

Or “After Thoughts in QA” Apple is credited with being the biggest, most successful single corporation in history. But it’s even BIGGER than you think!  Inspiring “spin off” accessories, in less than ten years, arguably reversing poverty for many of a … Continue reading

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